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               I can't find a simple,
               inexpensive Safety Data
               Sheet service provider.
            Looks like Safety Data Sheets
            really have you down.  Maybe
            I can help.
Why all the complex features
and pricing structures?
      If yellow binders can work,
      how complex does my SDS
      service really need to be?
   And why do they want me to
   search their databases?  Isn't
   the point to stop searching?

                 I have just what you need.
            You probably want me to
            sign one of those long term
            So you're not into commitment.
            I guess I can work with that.
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Compliance without Complexity
                                      You don’t need complex features.  You don’t need complex pricing.  You
                                      need compliance at the lowest possible cost.  You can replace frustrating
                                      MSDS binder maintenance... or expensive MSDS services... with an
extremely low cost online solution.  Don't use a service that requires you to search a database to
find the documents you need.

We do the work, which means you never have to search our database to add an MSDS to your

We confirm your Safety Data Sheets are the latest revision on an annual basis, and we notify you
by email when revision updates occur.  You can let us know when you need a Safety Data Sheet
by entering your request online, or you can send us your MSDS list or MSDS copies.

Add as many user logins as you need for your facility.  View and download data sheets as often
as necessary.  No long-term contracts.

Whether your organization is a large, multi-facility operation or a single location, simply complete
the form to the right and you’re on your way to affordable compliance.

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